A new viscometer and a new line of special slitting machines for Gama International Srl

GAMA International announces the development of new viscometers for the label market. The GAMA viscometers are therefore enriched with a new system, the G39, which allows the operator to control, correct and maintain the levels of viscosity, temperature and pH set during the start-up phase. GAMA International has also launched a new line of special machines for converting, slitter- rewinders for aluminium, film and paper thanks to a cooperation agreement with H7Group.

A new viscometer for labels

The new G39 system is suitable for the control of pH, temperature and viscosity and for the automatic correction of solvent and water based inks. It is also able to control the viscosity and the temperature of UV inks. In case of multiple inks uploaded in the printing machine, the G39 software is able to recognize the ink type and to run the respective control and correction process.



Milan, 18th February 2020 – GAMA International expands the range of its products introducing a line of customized slitter rewinders for aluminium, film, paper and other special machines for converting such as embossers, spoolers and extractors. The first occasion to show to the public the new solutions will be InfoFlex in Columbus, Ohio, on 20th-22nd April 2020 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. At InfoFlex GAMA International will be present on both GAMA America’s and Pamarco’s booths. «We will show two lines of solutions: the viscometers and the new slitting-rewinding machines», comments Elisa Conselvan, Marketing Director of GAMA International.

The new slitting rewinding products, distributed on a private label basis, include the TR-G1, a high performance single-shaft paper cutter, the new TR-U2, a double-shaft central-axial drum machine for bare and/or coupled aluminium, and the TR-B2, a double-shaft drum machine designed to have the maximum flexibility in processing any type of material.

GAMA International will take care of the distribution of customized cutting solutions and of their assistance. «An important aspect is the set up of a team of specialists headed by Riccardo Conca, our Product Manager, who will attend for analyzing all the new configurations and for all the updating and revision operations», continues Elisa Conselvan.

At InfoFlex GAMA International will show its viscometer line of products and will focus on the G31 for corrugated cardboard applications. After the launch of the G31 last year in

Slitter rewinder machine

corrugated cardboard market.

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GAMA International will launch its G1000 automatic Ink Quality Control system at K 2019

GAMA International will launch its G1000 automatic ink quality control system at K 2019 in Dusseldorf, 16th-23rd October, at Hall 10, stand H26. For the company, the G1000 represents its top of the ink control systems line, fully customizable. 

The G1000 has been developed to keep ink quality stable during the printing process and to reduce solvent and ink consumption. It’s not a simple viscometer, it is a complete automatic system, equipped with viscosity and temperature control, magnetic filter, and sophisticated production controls and customized for each rotogravure machine.

This new system displays several advantages: the viscosity and temperature control of ink allows to reduce the use of solvent and ink, quicker start-ups and waste reduction. Furthermore It reduces ink blade lines, thanks to magnetic filter, attracting steel filings. All those features help making the printing process more productive and efficient.

«Thanks to the adoption of a new heat exchanger, we have achieved remarkably higher performances than previous solutions in stabilization of ink temperature», says Sante Conselvan, Sales Director of GAMA International. «Based on tests carried out during production at different temperatures, a minimum saving of 10% of ink and 25% of solvent was observed. It was calculated a return on investment in only 12 months.».

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Digital Flex raddoppia l’impianto di produzione di lastre Flexo HD Plus® S

Monza, 10 luglio 2019 – Ad un anno dall’installazione di un impianto di produzione di lastre Flexo HD Plus® S , Digital Flex annuncia di aver raddoppiato la linea di produzione. Sono quindi due, ora, i sistemi che includono ciascuno il sistema laser Esko CDI Crystal + l’espositore XPS ed impiegano il software Print Control Wizard.

“La produzione di lastre Flexo HD Plus® S ha conquistato molti clienti e due sono passati completamente a questa tecnologia”, commenta  Andrea Vergnano, Senior Executive Vice President. “Abbiamo constatato, che una volta definite le curve di stampa, diventa più semplice e più veloce per lo stampatore raggiungere l’obiettivo della prova colori con un risultato sempre più simile alla qualità rotocalco”.

La configurazione del CDI Crystal con XPS e il software Print Control Wizard di Esko rappresenta un processo flessografico all’avanguardia, che consente di automatizzare la produzione di lastre e ottenere una qualità costante con un solo passaggio. Inoltre, con la soluzione Flexo HD Plus® S – brevettata da Digital Flex – è stato possibile raggiungere punti minimi più piccoli, più stabili e sfumature più morbide. “Siamo riusciti a sviluppare un punto a testa piatta ancora più piccolo del Flexo HD Plus, che consente un trasporto più efficiente dell’inchiostro e maggior stabilità nelle alte tirature con dei minimi più puliti”. 

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GAMA International will introduce its innovative converting solutions at RosUpack in Russia

Milan, June 8th 2019 – GAMA International will introduce its complete range of innovative converting solutions at RosUpack, from June 18th to 21st in Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo – at Pavillon 3, Hall 14, Stand B262. For the first time in the Russian market, GAMA International is going to launch its three lines of technological solutions: quality control systems for inks and adhesives, sleeve storage systems, as well as cleaning systems for photopolymer plates and anilox rollers.

GAMA confirms to be a worldwide specialist in viscometers, and at RosUpack it will show solutions for any printing ink-liquid and surface. At RosUpack a promotional campaign will accompany the launch of G31 – the ink control system specific for corrugated cardboard – and of G32 – for viscosity and pH control and correction of pH water-based adhesives, varnishes and lacquers. «We want to support converters in their daily research for the highest print quality», says Giuseppe Carretti, Sales Manager Middle East, Africa, Asia of GAMA International. «Whatever material they process, and whatever ink they use, we have the right solution».

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Digital Flex has started the year with an additional edge

Monza, 14th February 2019 – After a very successful year, Digital Flex is going to face the new year’s challenges with great confidence. Andrea Vergnano, Senior Executive Vice President at Digital Flex emphasizes: “The technological investments made in 2018 have been really successful and today the new Lead Lasers Flexostar system for direct engraving of elastomer sleeves and the new Esko CDI Crystal XPS exposure unit allow us to offer our customers a wider and more winning technological choice”.

The confirmation of its high-quality production level came to Digital Flex from the prizes received during the award ceremony of the Best-in-Flexo 2018 contest, organized by ATIF, where the company received 11 prizes – in almost all the categories and among them 3 first places. Another success was gained in Brazil for a contest organized by AB Flexo and FTA, during an award ceremony, where Digital Flex received the prizes for the first, second and third place. ….

Now Digital Flex has added a new competitive edge – a sales office in Veneto, with the aim of better controlling the North-Eastern part of the Italian market. In his office in Pozzoleone, Vicenza, Giosuè Veggian is already working. Giosuè boasts twenty years’ experience in the packaging sector and will bring Digital Flex closer to its customers – printers, and brand-owner – in a strategic area for the company’s market. 

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GAMA International will introduce its solutions for quality control as well as logistics at ICE Europe

Milan, 12th February 2019 – GAMA International will be attending ICE Europe, from March 12 to 14 in Munich, Germany – at Hall A5, Stand 1524 – to introduce its quality control systems for inks and adhesives as well as logistics solutions.

GAMA is a worldwide specialist in viscometers for any printing ink-liquid and surface. At ICE GAMA International will focus on quality control for flexo process, introducing G30 – a system for viscosity control on solvent adhesives, varnishes and lacquers for laminator process – and the new G32 for viscosity and pH control and correction of pH water-based adhesives, varnishes, and lacquers. The main feature – in these products as well as in all GAMA systems – is the ability of automatically guaranteeing the correct quality of the liquid during flexographic printing, in order to obtain the highest quality of the printed material at any printing speed.

Logistics is the second area of solutions where GAMA International is successfully present in the market, in particular, the sleeve storage systems. At ICE GAMA International introduces three kinds of GI sleeve storage systems: the manual storage system, the semi-automatic, and the fully automatic system. 

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Zeno Zonato e Federica Draghi: due nuovi area manager in Grafikontrol

Grafikontrol, leader nella produzione di sistemi di controllo per la stampa, annuncia la nomina di due nuovi area manager nella propria organizzazione commerciale. Zeno Zonato è entrato in azienda ad inizio anno con il ruolo di area manager Nord America, Sud Africa  e parte dell’Europa e Federica Draghi, entrata in azienda lo scorso anno, da maggio è diventata area manager costruttori.

Zeno Zonato ha maturato una solida esperienza nel settore converting per la sua attività dirigenziale presso Laem System e in Grafikontrol si occupa del mercato grafico e converting di tutto il Nord America (Stai Uniti, Canada e Messico), del Sud Africa, Turchia oltre a Benelux e parte Ovest dell’Italia. “Il mercato del Nord America è molto importante per noi”, afferma Zeno Zonato. “ Il mercato degli Stati Uniti è da consolidare, abbiamo molte installazioni da seguire e in molti casi da aggiornare con soluzioni di retrofit”.

Federica Draghi è la nuova area manager costruttori, un ruolo nuovo, che comporta la relazione con tutti i costruttori di macchine flessografiche e rotocalco e la gestione di tutte le tematiche relative all’integrazione dei sistemi Grafikontrol sulle rotative. Entrata in azienda un anno fa, fresca di laurea, come assistente di direzione, si è distinta per le sue capacità al punto da essere promossa area manager con questo ruolo delicato.

“La figura femminile in ruoli manageriali è una novità in casa Grafikontrol, così come lo è anche nel mercato in generale”, afferma Federica Draghi. “Io mi sento pronta a raccogliere la sfida di approcciare un settore nuovo, dove è importante consolidare il rapporto fiduciario col costruttore e trovare il giusto equilibrio nel collegamento tra costruttore e cliente finale”.

Digital Flex a PRINT4ALL

Un nuovo investimento per la produzione di sleeve e un rafforzamento della collaborazione con ICR sono le novità di Digital Flex a PRINT4ALL 

Monza, 7 maggio 2018 – Digital Flex si presenta a PRINT4ALL, Pad. 18, Stand D08/E07 (Milano, 29 maggio-1 giugno 2018), con una strategia a tutto campo nei servizi di pre-stampa per l’industria dell’imballaggio. Oltre alla realizzazione delle lastre Flexo HD Plus® rafforza la produzione di sleeve in elastomero con l’installazione di una linea produttiva nella sede di Monza. Inoltre, intensifica la collaborazione già esistente con ICR Spa (Incisione Cilindri Rotocalco) proponendo una soluzione di pre-stampa multi tecnologica specializzata nell’imballaggio.

“Lavorando con i grandi brand, ricevevamo richieste di fornitura di lastre fotopolimeriche che dessero la stessa qualità in flessografia che veniva raggiunta in stampa rotocalco”, commenta Andrea Vergnano, Senior Executive Vice President di Digital Flex. “Con questa rinnovata collaborazione con ICR, ci proponiamo di dare un servizio completo, lasciando così all’azienda titolare del brand la libertà di decidere con quale tecnologia stampare. Sarà così un grosso vantaggio sia per i brand owner che per gli stampatori di imballaggi, avere un unico interlocutore per tutti i servizi di pre-stampa”. 

Il nuovo investimento tecnologico

PRINT4ALL sarà per Digital Flex il lancio ufficiale del nuovo impianto di produzione di sleeve. Verrà installato nella sede di Monza due settimane prima della fiera e permetterà all’azienda di aumentare la propria capacità produttiva. Con questo investimento continua la tradizione di innovazione per mantenere alto il livello tecnologico dell’azienda e la sua competitività commerciale: “Non siamo nuovi alla fornitura di sleeve, sia in fotopolimero che elastomero; la nostra esperienza è iniziata nel settore del round circa 15 anni fa, con una partnership ormai collaudatissima con l’azienda francese Medialliance, dove vengono attualmente prodotte le maniche”, afferma Andrea Vergnano.

La scelta di Digital Flex è caduta sulla Flexostar PrintMaster HYBRID 3.1 della Lead Lasers. La macchina dispone di un doppio laser CO2 e YAG, che consente di produrre sia lastre che sleeve. La risoluzione di 5800 dpi con incisione fino a 85 linee per centimetro la posizionano ad un alto livello qualitativo. La macchina consentirà la produzione di sleeve da un minimo di 260 mm ad un massimo di 3000 mm di larghezza. 

Grafikontrol to introduce the latest technology for print control at PRINT4ALL

Milan, May 2018 – Grafikontrol, leader in manufacturing press controls for the graphic industry, will introduce the whole TQC-360° products family – at PRINT4ALL, Hall 18, stand C08-D07 in Milan from May 29 to June 1 – now enriched with two new components, LYNEX C/S and MATRIX C/S, dedicated to 100% inspection and statistics of coating, varnish, cold seal.

With the TQC-360° products line Grafikontrol strives to present itself as a global partner covering every aspect of the print production by offering products, applications, processes and services aimed at guaranteeing a defect-free printing. 

360° Solutions for packaging

At PRINT4ALL all Grafikontrol’s TQC-360° systems of quality control and register control for rotogravure, flexo and offset sectors for packaging and labels will be live demonstrated, using two rotary simulators. 

  • MATRIX: the web viewing system is an area camera that moves across the web taking high quality snapshots of the whole running web. The 6 Mpixel camera resolution ensures fantastic quality and realistic colour reproduction. MATRIX can be loaded with multiple options such as statistical inspection, delta colour monitoring with ∆E, barcode verification, print repeat monitoring, UV coating visualization and transparent varnish inspection
  • MATRIX C/S: it is the new matrix system for simultaneous display of the correct superimposition of the front print with glue or varnish applied on the opposite site (duplex register)
  • LYNEX: it is a true 100% inspection system that can be used as a stand alone system or integrated with MATRIX. LYNEX can compare live printing with the PDF file that has been used to produce the printed plates or the gravure cylinders. That provides the operator with the ability to verify if the print matches with the original file
  • LYNEX-S: it is a 100% print inspection system for gravure, flexo, offset, dedicated to narrow web and neutral film including all the LYNEX features
  • LYNEX C/S: it has been designed to inspect the 100% of the web for coating, varnish or cold-seal on printed or base substrates
  • CHROMALAB: in-line real spectrophotometer, to monitor the colour trend of all printed colours; the system provides real time measurement and trends of Spectral curves, Density, dot gain, L*a*b*, ∆E
  • PROGREX: a combination of the functions of MATRIX and LYNEX to form a complete tool, that helps the user with each print phase on gravure flexographic and offset presses
  • CR33-CR34: register controls for rotogravure and flexographic presses that ensures register stability among colours for the entire production and reduces waste
  • PROCHECK: a unique and innovative system for a full defect traceability and removal from printed rolls.